No lawyer can promise specific results, which can vary significantly depending on facts and the applicable law. Here is what some of Matt’s clients have to say:

“Matt has been great to work with, he came highly recommended from another attorney in the area and lived up to her glowing recommendation. Matt provided us with wonderful advice, was generous with his time, and very personable to talk with. We appreciated his attentiveness to our case and guidance along the way. We highly recommend Matt and would not hesitate to contact him again should the need arise.” 

~ Ellen A.

“I can’t say enough about Matt. I had a contract dispute with a former employer and I hired Matt as my representation after being referred to him by a friend. He advised me on the right approach, helped me get the result I wanted and without having to go to court to litigate the case. It was such a relief to have someone as thorough and responsive as Matt to help me navigate what was a very emotional situation. Bottom line, Matt took the burden off of my shoulders and delivered the outcome I desired. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone needing an experienced, first-class litigator.”

~ Jeremy F.

“I have worked with Matt on several matters, both professionally and personally, over the past three years. Matt is one of the best attorneys with which I’ve had the pleasure of working; he’s strategic, knowledgeable, and collected. He is the consummate professional and he gets the job done. I consider Matt to be a most trusted advisor and I will continue to rely on his services for years to come.” 

~ Josh H.

“I have worked with Matt on a few engagements during COVID-19 relating to contracts and a mechanics lien. When searching for an attorney, I found it difficult and frustrating to get a response from other attorneys and some turned me away because of the pandemic. Once I reached out to Matt, his response was timely and he knew exactly how to go about my situation and did so in an effective and efficient manner. Since then, Matt has been my go to guy for sure and he has had the same level of professionalism every time. It’s nice to finally have an attorney on hand that knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with.” 

~ Kelli L.

“I entered into an engagement agreement with Matt on March 23rd and by August 19th my case was dismissed.  I tried several lawyers and none of them were as responsive as Matt.  Words cannot describe how greatful I am for all that he did for me and my family.  This was a case that started last year in April and the unlicensed contractor kept taking me back to court suing me for work that had not been done.  As soon as Matt took over the case, he knew exactly how to handle it.  Due to Covid-19, I never met him face to face, but he handled the case with excellence and professionalism.  Now that the case is over, I am beyond grateful.

~ Luwiza M.

Matt is the consummate professional. I consider him more of a partner to my business than an outside attorney. He is always engaged, efficient, responsive, and honest. His personal approach and fair billing practices simply blew away the expectations that I had for working an attorney. He remains my go-to for business law. 

~ Rick L.

“I have worked with Matt on various projects over the past few years and I would highly recommend him.  As a small business owner, I have used him for interpretation of contacts, formation of my LLC, creation of my company operating agreement, creation of a customized engagement letter for clients and various random legal questions.  Matt takes a balanced approach, listens to your goals and provides sound advice or information while minimizing your risk as much as possible.  You will be in good hands with Matt on your team!”

~ Paula C.

“My company has worked with Matt on several matters over the last few years, and look forward to our continued relationship.  We view him as a key part of our team, not just another service provider.  Matt takes the time to understand our goals and our situations, and works with us to craft solutions.  He understands business, and has provided us valuable insight and advice in both business and litigation matters.”

~ Aaron G.

“When I was named in a dispute due to my prior position on a board of directors of a homeowners’ association, I contacted a lawyer friend for counsel recommendations, and it was my great fortune that he put me in touch with Matt Thiry.  Within the first few minutes of our first conversation, I knew I wanted Matt to represent me in the dispute.  I was truly impressed with his knowledge of my particular issue and his thoughts on initial strategy, and I understood I was speaking with a skilled advocate and negotiator.  I was right.  Matt got me dismissed from the case before we had to file an Answer and even recovered a portion of my legal fees from the homeowners’ association.  Admittedly, I was often anxious, even angry, over the situation in which I found myself, but the calm, honest, sensible person that he is, Matt was able to ease both my anxiety and my temper.  I have recommended Matt to family and friends, and should I ever need legal representation again, he will be the first person I call.”

~ April S.

“I can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Matt over the last 1.5 years on several legal issues. Our small business based in Florida needed legal services in Georgia and Matt and his firm handled the case flawlessly. There are two thing that impressed me the most about Matt which I have not found to be true working with other attorneys and firms. I use the term “working with Matt” because it was a partnership over this time to get through the issues. The first thing about Matt is his billing practices are very fair. His fee per hour is reasonable but he didn’t always charge us for a 30 second email. Most firms would bill us for a quarter of an hour or about $75 for a 30 second email. It seems minor but when engaged in a case for over 18 months you want to feel like you are working together and not be afraid to communicate because of getting hit with charges for quick emails. Second is Matt maintained a level head and reminded us when it was time to make a business decision verse an emotional decision. It is very important that counsel understands business and can evaluate the cost benefit ratio with a probability of success to make good recommendations.

Matt did not always tell us what we wanted to hear but we almost always went with his recommendation. The last thing about Matt is that he engaged us in the process and considered our situation and input before making his recommendation. We read the documents, evaluated the negotiating team of opposing counsel and gave Matt our input. The decision making was a team effort and we never felt as if the goal was for Matt to make money but to get a desirable end state for us. 

Matt will be the first person we turn to in the future for legal issues.” 

~ Eron I.

“Over the years, I’ve worked with several attorneys and I can truly say, without fear of equivocation, that Matthew Thiry is among the best of the best.  Matt has become a trusted advisor who is honest, intelligent, strategic and always in search of the best solution for his clients.

Matt also brings a holistic business perspective to the table that extends well beyond the boundaries of “the law”; this broad perspective makes his counsel even more valuable.  My calls to Matt aren’t just limited to the times that I need a lawyer, I call Matt when I need an honest, valued and trusted perspective. Besides all of this, he’s just a good guy and chock-full of funny stories!” 

~ Doug J.

“I’ve known Matt Thiry for several years and from our initial meeting to every subsequent meeting I have found Matt has among many skills the unique ability to be both personable and professional. Always providing the best legal advice and, when needed, quick turn around on important legal matters involving our business. Many times he has gone above and beyond to point out issues regarding contracts and agreements that we missed and in many cases did not anticipate. If not for Matt’s keen sense to identify potential red flags, we may likely have created an arrangement that I’m sure later would have been problematic.

 Among many things I respect about Matt’s approach and philosophy is he’s not only looking out for our needs but also sincerely interested in both parties establishing a fair arrangement, which I believe results in a long term relationship vs. a short term transaction.  Beyond his legal acuity and his expert advice, I trust him 100% and consider him more of a member of our team, not just a lawyer.  In addition, he has become a good friend!”

~ Rich C.

“Matt Thiry has been a true legal advocate for our small business and has helped us grow and strengthen our business in a competitive marketplace. He’s accessible, responsive and a sincere person who cares about us and our business on a personal level. We’ve really enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal counsel.” 

~ Katy G.

“Matt was referred to me by an attorney with whom I attend Church. He and Matt had litigated against each other, and he recommended Matt because he knew Matt knew the case law regarding my matter and he knew that Matt was relentless. I believed he characterized him as a “bulldog”. I got some great advice on how to proceed on a decision I only had a few days to make. A few weeks later a ton a bricks began falling on my head.

In my darkest moments Matt was there to grab my hand and pull me out of the rubble. You don’t have to have done anything wrong to be sued. Sometimes one gets sued for being too successful which is what happened to me. In the end Matt got the lawsuit withdrawn with prejudice, meaning I could never be sued again regarding the claims made. I no longer tell Lawyer Jokes, when the chips are down, a good attorney is priceless, Matt is one of those professionals and in the end a great bargain.” 

~ John J.

“The problem I had was not what most attorneys would consider a high profile case, but it was very important to my wife and me. I’m very fortunate to have numerous attorneys in my family so that is where I started when I went looking for an attorney who would do a quality job without breaking my bank. I was directed to Matt Thiry.  

Matt was everything a person could want in an attorney. He is personable, responsive to questions you have, keeps you informed of every step that is being taken, and knows what he’s doing. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends and will use him in the future.”

~ Jack P.

“Matthew was great to work with. He was always very reliable and worked hard to get the final product how we wanted it. He was knowledgeable and worked effortlessly for us. I would definitely want him on our side and would recommend him to anyone in search of an attorney.”

~ Jennifer C.

“Matthew stepped in to help us at a time when we were in real need, and he provided professionalism in making us whole. Additionally, he was very easy to work with financially; we so much appreciated his understanding and support there. We could have been greatly harmed in a real estate scam that we were unwittingly party to, but Matthew’s great work saved us. I highly recommend Matthew Thiry!”

~ Bryon H.

“Stays in touch, gets the job done and doesn’t waste your time. I would use him time and time again. He doesn’t play around just does his job. I could only hope all attorneys would have the work ethic he has.” 
~ Leslie M.

“Matt has represented me since 2013. The situations requiring his attention have all resulted in timely, favorable outcomes. I would describe Matt’s style as professionally aggressive without being overbearing. He seeks results with his client’s best interest always in mind. Matt’s knowledge of the law is second to none, yet he was able to clearly explain the law and his position in “layman’s” terms so that even I could understand. Matt truly is a credit to his profession. I would never hesitate to call on him in time of need.”
~ Al R.

“Matthew provided me with an invaluable experience during my recent legal issue.  His experience with legal matters definitely showed throughout my transaction, as his professionalism and consistency led to an amazing outcome.  Matthew was diligent in providing me with different options for my situation and ensured that my questions and concerns were quickly addressed.  I will recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated attorney.”  

~ Yasmin T.

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